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Web 3.0 Games Development

Building Decentralized Gaming Experiences

We offer a full suite of Web 3.0 game development services, including blockchain integration, smart contract creation, and game design and development.Our team of experienced developers and designers can create engaging and immersive Web 3.0 games that take advantage of the latest blockchain technology.

Our Solutions

Our Web 3.0 Game Development Services

Web 3.0 games are the future of the gaming industry. We can help you make a positive impact. Our huge blockchain-based library of play-to-earn and metaverse games has been a key part of our thrilling gaming experiences for a while.

Customised Game Development

We create MMOs, shooters, action, role-playing, and multiplayer online battle arena games for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms. Since our games are customized to your business’s needs and industry standards, your target audience will love them.

Smart Contract

Our smart contract development solution automates in-game asset transactions, saving time. We customize Web 3.0 game smart contracts using all major smart contract programming languages and tech stacks.

Wallet Creation and Integration

Make your game suitable for the Web 3.0 with our wallet development and integration services We offer secure, reliable crypto wallets for storing and retrieving digital assets like in-game NFTs, facilitating crypto transactions.

Making an Avatar

Our avatar creation service lets you design realistic avatars for games to provide your consumers top-notch service. We develop realistic avatars using our imagination and cutting-edge animation software and technology.

NFT Marketplace

Our NFT marketplace lets you provide gamers a turnkey virtual item trading and selling mechanism. We build powerful NFT markets for games of all genres and complexity to give excellent user experiences.

Creating Tokens

We have governance tokens and regular crypto tokens. We create and execute your token on your favorite blockchain to help your company thrive.

About Web 3.0

Patang, being an early adapter of the Web 3.0 Services, understands the needs of its customers and offers Web 3.0 related services to them.

Patang offers different Blockchain services and web 3.O services to its customers according to their requirements. Following are a few of the blockchain services offered by Patang-

  • Development of Smart contracts
  • NFTs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Private Blockchain networks
  • Blockchain-based market platforms
  • Crypto token development
  • Crypto exchange development
  • Customized crypto solutions

Blockchain is bringing a radical change in the business world with its characteristics of decentralization, immutability, transparency, and distributed ledger. We, with a clear understanding of its growth potential and experience in integrating blockchain into mobility solutions, are offering the best of both worlds to startups and enterprises. From the development of a Smart Contract and Cryptocurrencies, Auditing the processes before they go live on the unaltered system, and helping Startups raise an ICO, we have done it all.

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