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A technology-driven platform, transforming transportation into digital.

Making Freight Transport Easy For Enterprises

PATANG uses integrated advanced sensors, IoT technology, and third-party applications to assist truckers plan, execute, and control the transportation and storage of goods while providing a clear view of the fleet in real time. To meet consumer needs such as delivery tracking, the platform also provides actionable information between the point of origin and the destination. The Planning & Optimization claims to help companies book trucks, track their location, and manage freight flow while also offering real-time vehicle tracking. In addition, it provides electronic evidence of delivery to protect against theft and other issues while in transit.


Patang transport digitally transforming intracity logistics.

Patang transport is a technology-driven platform, that transforms intra-city logistics into digital. Patang offers tools that solve the challenges for most intra-city supply chain businesses that are run on trucks or smaller tempos. Patang transport is fast becoming the de-facto player for various established businesses due to its ability to respond quickly to the market dynamics and widespread presence geographically. Innovations brought with Patang technological platform help trucks business solve real ground-level problems, address inefficiencies, and help both businesses to reduce their transportation costs.


Platform Features


First mile delivery as the transportation of their completed goods from the factory to a distribution center or warehouse


Middle Mile delivery is the delivery of goods from a warehouse or distribution center to fulfillment facilities from where consumers purchase their products


The last mile refers to the short geographical distance that must be spanned to provide services to end-user customers


Short-haul trucking refers to driving a commercial vehicle within a 150-mile radius in a day and returning to the home base or depot at the end of each shift

Why Choose Us


We enable intra city transport services such as First-mile, mid-mile, last-mile and short-haul while connecting vehicle owners with clients.


Live tracking, Geo fencing, Dynamic route planning.


Workflow optimization, cost reductions, forecast and planning based on AI/ML models.


Secured transport using smart locks, alerts on trip progress and dedicated fine train access controlled client and partner applications.


paper less digital trip sheets, digital MIS verification and automated trip management and invoicing.


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